Some visual research done during late 2020 for a student assignment. Looking at materials, packaging, punk and flapper fashions. Reference were predominately photos (internet, books) with some from life.




Student assignment for a character design elective.

 The setting is an imaginary, displaced, city (Degraves B-City) with a time loosely based on the 1970s. Areas of the city are still unstable (labile). These areas produce monsters that are warped versions of animals and people. 

Pasha (Hypatia) is energetic, dramatic, focused and detail orientated. She is currently finishing an indentured contract as an accountant that comes with a sparse pay-packet. She and her flatmate, Io, go bounty hunting to pay the rent and buy luxuries. They target problem monsters. Unfortunately, despite solid planning, things… go awry. To hide a barely legal side-hustle they play street hurling to explain away injuries. 

Pasha as a part of a Punk-Flapper subculture. It is based on merging 1970s punk and 1920s flapper aesthetics with other elements from the period. Combining aspects to make a new subculture. In Pasha case her go-to wardrobe is a leather jacket and faux-hawk, ex-militia pants, with sand shoes, pearls, Art Deco and revivalist iconography . Some elements are more subtle like a drop waist to tops and below the knee “skirt”. 

The colour palette was selected with considered values as it was designed for a predominately black and white comic/illustration. 

KEYWORDS: punk, flappers, revivalist, monsters